The people we spend our time with

 Who are the people you spend your time with? Do they lift you up? Have you known them since you were a child? Do friends come and go in your life? The key people we spend our lives with become the marinade of our life. Do you want to marinade with loving people who are there for you or those that make you stale? 

Play like a child and loose the "I'm not good enough"!

Watching a child play is how we can learn about ourselves. The joy of being a child is infectious. When do we lose the joy in our lives?  What changes us from being joyous children to serious adults? 

How on track are you to have your goals achieved this year?

With 31 one days gone in this year, have you started working towards your goals? Or are you still wondering what you might do this year? Or do you just float through life? 

The power of being just who you are

Have you seen Harry Potter the play? It is amazing! The play explores the actions we take and how we must not take on the roles and habits of our parents but be true to ourselves? 

Life never throws you more than you can manage!

We have a habit of catastrophizing and stressing about future events, yet we are actually equipped to cope with everything we face. So how can you stop anxiety and face the future with a smile and a clear head? 

How much control do you have of your life?

Control can be good , but somethings in life should just be allowed to happen. Don't sweat the small stuff, as you cannot ' control others, just yourself. So what are you looking to control too much in your life? 

The Lyrebird Awards

On Saturday night I attended the local theatre awards, where the performers, and production people who put on live theatre, come together to recognize the hours put in by people. With the mention of the Hall of Fame winner Anne Dewar. What we give back to our community is indicative of our level of connections.


Self-Care: Your Future Self

How are you doing self-care for the coming you? Are you aware that you do need to do things today to ensure the successes of tomorrow.

Self-care - your spiritual self

How do you care for your spiritual self? Do you even know what is a spiritual event for you? 

What do we value and what do we need?

As part of self-care, we need to appreciate what we value in our lives and we need to determine what we need  depending on our feelings.


4 quotes which inspired me today Act as if it's impossible to fail. It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves I dwell in possibility We must do that which we think we cannot 

All of life's great lessons present themselves again & again

We all fear failure but is one of the best ways to learn 

What is your Legacy Statement?

How do you want to be remembered by those you leave behind? As a dedicated worker or a passionate human? 


Community is so important when we connect with others we are happier.

Act as if it were impossible to fail

Failure is just a journey on the way to success.

Personal responsibility is the key

Taking responsibility fr our own lives is the key to creating what we want in life. Sitting down and letting the world happen to you is not the way to get things achieved 

Self-Discipline is one of the keys to success

Self discipline is important to ensure we achieve what we want in life, without this procrastination can take over 

FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real-can overtake our lives

FEAR can be the major driver in life if we let it. In this Video Phillipa Discusses this  and how it is a form of anxiety.

Fun and Joy are the key to a life well lived

We all need to make time to have fun and feel Joy in our lives at least for 4 hours a week. or even daily for 30 mins 

Stories and our expectations

What story are you telling yourself, how is it impacting your life ? Are you telling yourself "I'm not good enough" How can we change our life? stuck on the couch